Check Your Dog’s IQ With This Easy Test Of Find-The-Ball

by The Z Living Editors     June 20, 2017
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As human beings, we test our intelligence in countless ways — from SAT and IQ tests to job interviews and quizzes. But what do you do if you’re curious about similar measurements for your dog? No problem. There are plenty of different canine intelligence tests you can do right at home.

For one easy doggie IQ test, we went straight to Seth Casteel, host of Z Living’s popular, heartwarming show Finding Fido — a show all about match-making between owners and shelter pets looking for a forever home. Learn more about the show here, and find out where you can tune in!

To bring a simple problem-solving test to your dog at home, check out the above video and instructions below: 

Here’s What You’ll Need For Finding Fido’s Simple Canine Intelligence Test:

  • Your dog, of course!
  • A tennis ball
  • A towel or light blanket

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Then, Do This:

  1. Hide the tennis ball under the towel.
  2. See if the dog can locate the ball, and take the tennis ball out from underneath.

While this exercise may seem simple, it’s actually a challenge for canines. As Casteel says, “Not a lot of dogs can actually do this. They just give up!” Watch the above video to see if Oreo — a dog featured on Finding Fido —can find the ball. 

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Here’s What The Test Means For Your Dog:

This simple test just shows if your dog has above-average problem solving abilities. If your dog actively searches for the ball, or manages to get it within 60 seconds, congrats — you’re the owner of a highly-intelligent dog!

And if your pooch can’t find the ball or gives up? It’s not a big deal. Most dogs are excellent at learning new skills, so practice this test with him or her by doing it a few more times, and encouraging your dog to find the ball. Chances are, your Fido will pick it up in no time.

And if, like the family on the show, you want a quick-thinking, problem-solving pooch, this test might be worth considering when you’re looking to adopt!

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For more dog tips, tricks, and IQ tests, tune into Finding Fido, only on Z Living.

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