Why You Should Nap Everyday

by Thirupathi Chindam     August 2, 2017
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There has to be a better way of starting the day than waking up groggy and sullen. How many of us can actually boast of getting a night of quality restful sleep? Waking up feeling recharged just sets the tone for the day. However, it’s an elusive dream (pardon the irony).

What Sleep Deprivation Does: Sleep deprivation creates problems in cognitive functioning. A sleepless night impairs our judgment as bad as drunken stupor would. It makes people forget things and more prone to mood swings. Sleep deprivation als0 puts people at increased risk of suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

Humans as hunters and gatherers evolved a natural rhythm of 2 resting periods during the day. This is also why we are prone to be very tired at mid-day. In many parts of the world, an afternoon siesta is considered quite acceptable.

Why You Should Nap: The benefits of napping are manifold. Getting a mid-day shut-eye not only helps you focus better but also helps productivity and creative thought. A short power nap boosts alertness and slows down the ageing process. Be sure to nap only for 20-30 minutes at the most. The trick is to not fall into an REM state because you will wake up groggy. The idea of a power nap is to rejuvenate and not disorient you.

How We Sneak In A Nap: Having said that, who in their regular work day has the luxury of taking a nap? Mid-day naps are generally not encouraged in work places. However, there are ways to sneak in a quick power nap. If possible, lay your head on the desk for 10-20 minutes and shut your eyes. Block out the sounds of your colleagues and other office disturbances. Many offices now have a recreation room or a zen room where employees are encouraged to spend time to re-energize by relaxing or napping. Some people even catch a 10 minute nap in their car. Nap pods are the next best thing to catch a quick nap in the middle of a busy day.

So the next time your work day is tough, consider a quick power nap. It’ll recharge and rejuvenate you to help tackle your day better.

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